Sunday, 26 August 2012

Support your local SPCA

Every time I look at Bear I think : "where would he be now if it wasnt for our local SPCA?"  Please support your local animal rescue association.  They do such an important job!
Today our Bear got his first bath since he has been with us (I didnt want to stress him out by bathing him straight away because he had just been neutered and was in a new home and had so much to deal with as it was.)  He was very good and stood still while he was bathed although he did not like it.
Here is a photo of  him all cleaned up with his brand new blue collar on (which says: "now I belong").

(the bandage on his leg is because he decided to pick a fight with our Pitbull and he came off second) However, he's tuff and he'll be fine {I cant say the same for my poor nerves though...:-)  }

"human beings who leave behind them no great achievements, but only a sequence of small kindnessess have not had wasted lives." -C.Grey 1932-

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