Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Winner of Give-away !!!

Hello all.  I hope that you are all well and happy and being productively creative !

Here's a little bit of  fun.  Make your own list like mine below using the Coloured words as your prompts:

Currently I am....
1. Thinking...... a lot about living in the moment, being mindful and being "present"
2. Enjoying....  my art doodling immensely.
3. Feeling... postive and hopeful and contented.
4. Wearing... Far Away perfume, my hair in a messy bob, tie-dyed t-shirts and less make-up
5. Needing..... to reconnect with "estranged" family and friends
6. Wanting.... to go to the sea for a few days, read more, swim and lie in the sun
7. Listening.... to people more intently
8. Making.... a lot of art journal pages
9. Eating.... far too much  Wedgewood Macadamia nougat
10. Drinking....not enough water!

Ok.....drumrolll........ the WINNER  of  the Give Away  ........ IS ..........

Lynne Rattray !!!  (please PM me your postal address Lynne so that I can post your prize) 
To all the wonderful ladies who left comments, thank you so very much, each one is so appreciated and I wish I could send you all a prize!

A little embroidery project I am currently busy with...   I coloured the image with watercolour pencils and sealed it with  fabric podge to make it washable, and am now embroidering the outlines.  

Have a happy and blessed day.
much love

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


I cannot believe that my last blogpost was in October last year.  How awful that I have neglected my precious blog for such a long time.  I feel really awful about that.  I have been working on my art and some other personal goals and it seems the weeks and months just fly by with very little accomplishment to show for the time passed.   They say that the way to slow down time is to be mindful and present in the moment as much as possible.  Well I have been practicing that for some months now and it doesn't seem to have made much difference to the speed at which life flies by.  It does , however, make one more grateful and more joyful and therefore, I shall continue the practice.  Herewith a few pics of the work I have been doing lately (practice, practice, practice.... fun , fun, fun.....)

And now for that GIVE-AWAY I promised you.  YAY!!!   Here it is, an original doodle painting by me, mounted in a glass clip-frame.  (Size A5)  .   For a chance to win this gorgeous little piece of art just leave a comment below this post.

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Have a blessed week.
much love