Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I (heart) Art

At the farmers market on Saturday I found a 50%-off stall and I bought these two wooden hearts. They were coated with white PVA paint.

There were so many possibilities for them!  However, I finally decided to decorate them in a bright (Indian/Morrocan-type) style.  I drew the design on freehand , then painted it with acrylic inks. I did the outlines with a silver fabric paint outliner - which has a raised finish that I like.  They were exceedingly bright - so I toned them down by rubbing Walnut Ink over them and spattering with black acrylic paint. This gave them a slightly aged look. I LOVE they way they turned out!

I finished them off with a coat of clear varnish.  A happy project for the week!

wishing you butterflies and flowers and smiles.....
much love

"Write it on your heart that EVERY day is the best day in the year."
-R W Emerson-

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Do they Know....?

This weekend I put some of my little paintings up for sale at the Farmer's Market. I was so nervous about it. I dont think people have any clue how much courage it takes to put your art on display. Do they realise that part of your heart and soul went into each piece?  Now, the fact that none of my art sold doesnt faze me one bit. I love each and every one of them - and am quite happy to keep them with me. In fact I hate parting with my artworks. It's hard.  BUT ... the fact that almost every single person just walked past and half glanced at the work without even bothering to come and take a decent look at it - THAT upset me.
I look at everything when I go to a market even if I cant afford it- because beauty and creativity fills my soul.  Also - it costs me NOTHING to encourage the artist/crafter in their creative pursuits - and encouragement , let's face it, it something we all NEED.  (just saying......)

wishing you all a happy , fun, courageous, creative week.
much love

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Recycling and Playing with Paint....

This week I suffered from a severe migrane which lasted 3 days and I was just generally feeling very tired and low- in hopes of cheering myself up I "forced" myself to sit in my studio and just "play" with paint ( doing anything significant was out of the question!)
I was quite surprised at how much I loved the two "just-for-fun" projects I managed to finish......

I tore these out of old Stampington  magazines because the paper had such a nice texture and I was at first going to make hand-painted postcards and then changed my mind and decided to make myself an INSPIRATION BANNER instead.

I  added doilies,  and paper serviettes to the "flags" with Gel Medium.

I painted the backs with Gesso to strengthen the "flags".

Then I painted some bright & simple, fun designs onto the fronts of the flags with craft acrylics.

I printed out inspirational sayings and added them to my flags with Gel Medium.
I put eyelets onto each flag and threaded jute string thru them to hang them.

I decided to hang them on my shelves where I keep all my paints etc in my studio.

This banner was inspired by the one I saw here .

I also sat down with some simple designs in mind to make a set of four mixed media paintings.
I used water colour paints and oil pastels on Bockingford 190gsm watercolour paper for these:

Wishing you a very happy, fun  and creative Sunday.
much love

"Knowledge speaks but Wisdom listens"
-Jimi Hendrix-

Monday, 13 May 2013

Some things I am loving right now...

These are some of  the ordinary everyday things that are making me happy at the moment....

working on my latest crochet blankie with its bright beautiful colours!

A new set of paint brushes!

These strange dotty purple flowers that are blooming in my garden (no idea what they are) !

My hotwater bottle because its been freezing lately!

These two fabulous books!

Sitting outside in the Autumn sunshine.... !

Drawing a series of angels for an Angel art journal that I want to make!

Raw juice therapy!

This fabulous body lotion for my already very dry winter skin !

A diet full of lots and lots of steamed vegetables!

Wonderful inspiration from Regina at Creative Kismet.

And on TV :  Country House Rescue!
Well that's what's keeping my boat afloat these days ;o)

TODAY:  earnestly enjoy yourself for at least 30 minutes!

Have a happy, productive and creative week.
much love

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Arts 'n Crafts : A Burst of Creativity...

Yesterday I dedicated the whole day to painting.  I got quite a lot done too....
My aunt brought this vase to me and asked me to alter it for her.  It had a huge crack on the rim and had been spray painted gold .  In order to disguise the crack I covered the top of  the vase with texture paste. I painted it a winter green then decoupaged the ivy leaves onto it. I painted the stems of the leaves with acrylic paint. I then spackled it with fine gold paint and varnished it.
 I am sorry now that I did not take a "before" picture.

I've had these two large pebbles lying in my studio for ages waiting to be painted.  Yesterday it happened!  I am crazy about the way they turned out!!!! (note to self:  find more large flat pebbles to paint) .

I was in the mood for watercolours so I painted these two simple pieces using Inktense watercolour pencils.
Lots of fun.....
Oh yes .... and I was doodling in my sketch book while watching a movie on TCM ....
and this was the result.

So all in all a very fulfilling creative day - my favorite kind of day!

Wishing you a very happy fulfilling week too.
much love

"Follow your Bliss"