Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Out with the old... In with the new....

This month our journaling theme with the Paint and Chronicle group is Simplify.  Specifically by decluttering  (oh I know - its a dirty word - but it has to be said) LOL.

I glued this quote into my journal last week:  " I give up freely what is no longer serving me.  I release it to create space for what inspires me".

And so I decluttered my bedroom (I wont post a before picture - too embarrassing - seriously!!) - four years of clutter went out - 9 cardboard boxes of "crap" went to the dump!  Why had I been living with this for so long?!!!  (I am not a hoarder (family laughs hysterically in background) - I just hate tidying stuff up, I dont have the energy for it and it causes me physical pain.  So I leave it.  I walk over it, around it, pretend its invisible....

By decluttering (as tough as it was, physically and emotionally), I freed up what was no longer serving me and I was able to create a space for what inspires me.  Quite literally.  I created a little nook in my bedroom for journaling and drawing etc, which is really very inspirational.  I am so very thrilled with it.  Judge for yourself:

much love

"Give up the idea of what life should be and just celebrate what life is"
-James Arthur Ray-


Mel Sparkles said...

Wow! Looks beautiful!! Do I see a self portrait hanging on your wall? xo Love, Bunny

Dianna said...

I love the fresh clean space you created for your art, it's beautiful! I de-clutter/purge all the time, I like having things neat and tidy, but I also get a few piles going before I clean them up. Cheers!