Sunday, 16 June 2013

Miss Primrose....

This week I finished this little WIP last!!!  It feels so great to get back to a long neglected project and finish it off.  She turned out  to be very vintage looking and I LOVE that about her.   Her ears are a bit long for a cat but they give her character.
I was inspired by this photo that I saw online (so sorry but I cannot remember the source!)
My Inspiration:
My Interpretation:

So thats the story of Miss Primrose.  Isnt she sweet?

Wishing you all a joyful, creative, successful week.
much love

"May all your weeds be WILDFLOWERS"

Friday, 14 June 2013


Today I want to share this dear little painting with you.  I painted this for an online friend (we've never met in person). She suffers from several auto-immune disorders and so we have something very important in common.  I wanted to encourage her to keep her spirit strong because that is so important when you suffer day after day with pain and disability. I wanted to encourage her to let her heart be light even in the midst of broken dreams and shattered hopes. When you suffer with a chronic disease and there is really no medicine that they can give you that actually makes you feel better (in fact most of it makes you feel worse)- it is so difficult to stay positive.  You lose so many things -little things that others take completely for granted. It is so easy to feel sorry for yourself and to give up, to give in to despair.

The thing all people need most is encouragement and encouragement costs nothing.  I encourage you today - to make a little effort and encourage those around you-for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

wishing you a beautiful and relaxing long weekend.
much love

"The only antidote to despair is ACTION"

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Crochet Daisy Cushion

For ages I have wanted to make Daisy Squares in crochet.
The other day I found this really simple tutorial here.
 I made a few squares just to try it. They turned out so well that I decided to make them into
 this cute cushion:

Oh I do so LOVE crochet!!!

Wishing you all a very happy week.
much love

"You are of a species bred to ENDURE. The sufferings of others do not make your own less real- but remember how those others clung to life and in the end, won through. You CAN DO IT. "
-Pam Brown (1928) -

Sunday, 9 June 2013

I Pimped My Pitbull

I have some talents but SEWING is not one of them
I have some virtues but PATIENCE is not one of them (which probably explains why I am no good at sewing)
However, with the cost of a doggie jacket at Pick n Pay being R137  I decided to make them myself.
My Pitbull (male) and GreyhoundX (female)sleep in the laundry at night and its rather cold in there, so I wanted to make the jackets for them to wear at night for a bit of  extra warmth.
And of course Her Majesty (Maltese-female) had to have one too. So here are the pics of  them in their new jackets - (not the best seamstressing but they work) :

Wishing you a warm and cosy week.
much love

"The purpose of  LIFE is a life of PURPOSE."
-Robert Byrne-

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hippie Chic Crochet......

Last week I was inspired by this blog to make a stripey cushion.  I bought 7 rainbow coloured balls of yarn and began....
what fun!!!
Here is my stripey rainbow cushion:

When the cushion was done I decided to make myself a tote bag too:

wishing you a fabulous, creative, colourful  "rest-of-the-week".
much love

"Value your instinct for BEAUTY. Take time to look deeply into whatever nourishes you. Create small touches of beauty WHEREVER you are."
-Stephanie Dowrick-