Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A hint of summer in the air....

The past few days have been so warm and sunny.  The early fruit trees in my back yard are blossoming already and I even found a few tiny Jasmine blossoms!

This past weekend was a full one for me.  I could not do my usual Sunday blogpost because our internet was down (aaargghhh!)  But I worked on my Art Journalling for my e-course.  (You can see photos of  these projects on my facebook page.) I also brought work home from the factory.

My "homework": The flowers are cut from Nguni cow hide and each one is hand stitched onto the fabric. (no easy task)

 These beautiful cushions are the end result!

These cushions are available from www.afritan.com plus many more gorgeous products made from the hides of African animals: buck, zebra, wildebeest etc.  They also produce placemats, bags, mats, ottomans ,a large range of different cushions and much more.

In case you were wondering Bear is doing well.  And of course here are more photos of him:

Already making himself  WAY too much at home!!!!

He has some weird quirks-  he lies down to eat his food, he drags his matress and blanket around all over and he growls like a bear (especially when he cant get his own way).

Daniel says the only way that this family can get any weirder is if we buy a bear and name it "Dog" !!!

A question to ponder this week:


"We need both FAITH and REASON to make meaning in an uncertain world"   -B.Brown-

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