Sunday, 14 October 2012

Those Special Touches.....

Isnt it so true that just a tiny bit of extra attention to detail, a tiny bit of kindness, doing just that little bit more than is expected - can make such an impact on someone else's life?
I experienced this , this week , when my order arrived from WOOLHOGS .  I have been feeling quite sick most of the week and a little bit "down".  I had to go into town for groceries and stopped at the Post Office to collect my parcel.  It was posted in a bubble wrap envelope - quite the standard thing to do these days.
when I opened the bubble wrap envelope I found a brown paper- wrapped parcel with "old-fashioned" string tied around it and a woolhogs tag plus a little free gift (bamboo crochet hook).  Well THAT just made my whole WEEK.  I didnt even have to unwrap the wool.... :o)
I unwrapped the yarn - Oh My Word -
100% pure Bamboo Yarn - softer than a newly hatched chicken - heaven in a ball. hand-dyed.
AND the colours .....  yummy !!!!
The other great thing is that it is stranded (like embroidery cotton) so you can seperate the strands and use it to do embroidery!!!  So far I have only made several little crochet flowers - but I am going to try some embroidery with it in the very near future. (I will detail the results of that endeavour in a future post. so WATCH THIS SPACE!)
THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH Maryanne at Woolhogs for this wonderful experience.

"Every life is a confession of faith and exerts an unavoidable and silent influence on others."
-Henri F Amiel-

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