Thursday, 25 October 2012

Junk Mail to Jazzy Journal

Here's a cute and quick recycling project TUTORIAL for you today:

You'll need a piece of Junk Mail which is printed on  nice firm paper like this one:

Cut it in half:

Then in half again:

Open the pages out and Gesso them on both sides:

I decorated my dry gesso-ed pages with Acrylic inks but you can use acrylic paint or craft paint or whatever you prefer- do this on both sides:

 When both sides are dry you can add stencils, stamps and others techniques to decorate your pages:

on both sides of course:

Then fold your dry decorated pages in half and pack them together in a pleasing sequence:

Here's where I cheated a bit. I couldnt find any recycled cardboard firm enough for my cover so I used a bought sheet 12x12 and cut it to size, just a few mm bigger than my pages:

So you will have your pack of folded pages and your folded cover:

Put them all together. Open them up in the middle and make 3 holes with a sharp object in the middle at the spine of your journal:

Sew the spine with a strong nylon thread:

Tie the thread off at the outside of the spine:

So your book will look like this:

Tie little bits of fibres, wool, ribbon etc onto the stitches on the outside of the spine- which disguises the stitches and also looks really cute! :

                                                          so this is what it will look like:

Then the really fun part- decorate your cover.  I used fabric and little bits of  lace & sewed it on with my sewing machine:
I finished this whole project in a morning.  There you have a journal ready for drawing, painting and writing in. Or to give as a very special hand-made gift.
For a chance to win this beautiful little journal leave a comment below.
Comments will close on Tuesday Oct 30th 2012.
The winners name will be posted on Wednesday Oct 31st 2012.
Overseas readers welcome to participate!


Helen Stevens said...

Angella, creative as usual! Whne will you ever stop making lovely things? I bought a few balls of the bamboo yarn from Woolhogs just ro see what it was like, and am delighted with it. I'll probably get some more later.
Keep on creating!

Linell Engelbrecht said...

Hai Angela! Your booklet is BEAUTIFUL! We love how you frade the hankie on the cover. Your work is really inspirational as always. Xoxo Linell & Carina

Debbie Harris said...

You are SO clever, thanks for sharing your creativity with us! Hugs xx

Gail Grant said...

What a beautiful work of art. Thank you for the day when I have time!!