Monday, 1 October 2012

Fun with Doodles

Hi everyone,

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Isnt paper shopping just SOOOOOO   FUNNNNN !!!!! ?
I went paper shopping on Saturday to get some different types of paper for the new journals I want to make.

Now for  some photos of some tiny art journals I made last week.  These are very simple little hand-made books but rather cute!  Remember the doodling I was doing and posted pics of last week?
Well, I did them on A4  size cardboard and took them to the print shop and colour photocopied them onto nice glossy photo paper. They turned out gorgeous!
photocopies of the doodle pages I did

These little journals were made with a cardstock cover,   assorted coloured sugar paper pages and I cut pieces from the doodle sheets (photocopies) and glued them onto the covers . They are all bound with a single ribbon at the spine.

This journal is 15 x 14 cm

These are the inside pages - just plain coloured paper - very simple.

These are the two tiny ones 10 x 8 cm

-T. Roosevelt 1858-

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