Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Inspiration Recycled...

A very quick little recycling project for the first week of 2013.  I used a lite wooden box which my mom received as a Christmas gift with toiletries in it, a page from a magazine and a flower that I crocheted.

 Using the box (already painted white) as a frame I cut the piece of  the magazine page that I wanted to use - to fit into the base of the box.

 Then glued it down firmly   with double sided tape.

 I tore out a word from the same magazine page and glued it onto the back ground page, then I glued on my fabulous layered 3D crochet flower (which I am sooooo proud of!) :o)

I have hung the frame in my bedroom . I put it up nice and firmly with double-sided mirror tape - you know how that sticks!!!  and guess what?  It is sooooooo skew - and I cannot remove it without removing  the paint and probably some plaster from the wall - eeeeeek!  Now I have to stick up two other items next to it and purposely make them skew to make it look like a "style"  :o)   
O well .... New Year - New "Style"    COMMENTS PLEASE.......

Wishing you all the greatest year ever in 2013!

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