Saturday, 29 December 2012

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For some great eye-candy and inspiration visit Olavas Blog

Another fab site is Gipsybazar

What am I doing this weekend?

We are in the middle of a bad heatwave and its rather difficult to do anything in this weather, however, today I plan to get started on my Life Organiser Journal.  I received Jennifer Louden's book - The Life Organiser - for Christmas and its AWESOME!  So I purchased a new journal yesterday and plan to do the prompts and exercises in the book once  a week (as they are given in weekly segments).  I will keep you updated on this project.  Today we also need to tidy out the garage to make a space for my son's car.  My Gardener is here today and will help us with this- thank goodness.  (The lawn mowing will just have to wait till next weekend!)  I also have to go into town for my mom sometime this morning.  I will rest in the afternoon (the norm for me) and then cook supper (spagetti bolognaise tonight) , wash dishes and hopefully catch up on some reading!

"Small steps eventually add up to many small Victories."

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