Thursday, 3 January 2013

My WORD...

Most of you have heard of choosing a WORD for the year. If not click on this LINK.

Well my word for 2013 is IMAGINE. 
My word for 2011 was STRENGTH (it was one of the hardest years of my life) and my word for 2012 following on from that was POWER.

Why IMAGINE ?  Well when you have had a chronic illness for 16 years it gets very very difficult to picture your life any different.  I truly cant remember what it feels like to have a normal amount of energy to get through the day.  I wake up exhausted and drag myself through till lunch time , when I have to have a rest for 1 or 2 hours , in order to be able to function properly for the rest of the day. I also experience pain in my body 24hrs a day. This amongst other symptoms.  I feel strongly that this is the year for my complete healing. But in order to really have enough faith and belief for that to happen I have to be able to SEE myself healthy.  So therefore my word is chosen to remind me to meditate on health not sickness, to keep my mind focused (imagine) on  what it will feel like to be completely healthy again. NOT an easy task - I cant remember what "normal" feels like anymore.  I have to go way back and imagine myself 16 years ago. But - I believe if I persevere I can do it !

This is my Life Organiser Journal which I am using to work through Jennifer Louden's Book THE LIFE ORGANISER. To start off my Journal I put in My word for the year and my colour for the year. (Orange for Optimism). My name for this year is GRACE.  Because this is the year of God's Favour.

And now for some lighter, FUN stuff.  Here is my Art Journal for 2013.  The artwork I did on the cover was inspired by the work of the lovely Tam from Willowing.ning.

And here is a little painting I did using the colour ORANGE:

"Courage doesn't always roar, sometimes courage is the QUIET voice at the end of  the day saying: "I'll try again tomorrow".    (unknown)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Angella and Happy New Year! thanks for commenting on my blog, so appreciate it!

I have never picked a 'word' before, but decided to do it this year and mine is 'Fluorish'. It means to thrive, to succeed, to grow, and to make bold gestures. I'm gonna give it a shot!

By the way, love your little orange sunshine painting, it has my favorite colors in it!