Saturday, 22 December 2012

2 days to Christmas...

Wow, time flies.  Christmas is my FAVOURITE time of the year.  I have always loved it. And this year we have so much to celebrate- the last few years have been very very tuff - and it seems as if things are finally turning around for us.  So I am doing as much as I can to make this Christmas merry and brite....
(picture found on facebook)

Today I am venturing out to the mall to buy all the groceries for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Quite a mission!!  Tomorrow (24th) I have to pick up last minute arrivals (of gifts that were ordered) from the Post Office and a local Gents Outfitters. Tomorrow I must also finish wrapping gifts and I must prepare the snacks for our Christmas Eve dinner (finger-food this year) + a bowl of punch and hire a fun Christmas DVD .
I scratched out my late grandmother's punch bowl that hasnt been used in years and have to wash the set today.  I have to make some more gift tags too because I have run out...
It  seems like its going to be a very hot day today so I want to be off to mall very early- before the heat really sets in and hopefully before it gets too crowded!
I hope that your preparations are progressing well.  Remember to take it all in your stride.  I have made up my mind not to get stressed this year.  Its going to be SIMPLE, PEACEFUL and FUN.
very good advice!  If you are calm, happy and relaxed that energy rubs off on the rest of the family. Try it- it works!!!

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