Sunday, 14 July 2013

Intuitive Painting...Part One

This week in our FACING YOUR FEARS e-course we are experimenting with INTUITIVE painting.  I love this part of the course.  You grab a canvass, schmush some paint on it, no thought , no plan, just paint. Then make all the different types of marks you can on it , use your fingers, stamps, stencils, rags, ice-cream sticks......turn your canvass this way and that..... let the paint drip and run.....
This is a step by step of  the intuitive painting I did yesterday. I went in with no idea even what colours I wanted to use.  I just kept going until I was happy with the results.....
talk about BLISS....

This is just the background.... watch this space to see where my intuition leads me next with this painting...

For more on intuitive painting visit FLORA BOWLEY

Or  read her awesome book: Brave Intuitive Painting.

Wishing you all a happy creative week.
much love

"When you permit your fear to make decisions for you, your self-worth plummets."


Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Elvina Dulac said...

I love Flora and her book! I'm looking forward to sharing your journey.

P V Ariel said...

Lovely paintings
I am so glad to be
here, well presented job
Keep inform
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