Friday, 26 July 2013

Creative Idleness.....

I have been busy doing some more intuitive painting and re-reading Flora Bowley's awesome book BRAVE INTUITIVE PAINTING.   Here's my latest intuitive painting:

I am also busy trying to finish a crochet throw that I started so long ago. It is made with Vinnies Bambi yarn, a blend of cotton and bamboo with a fun hand-spun texture.  Bambi yarn is available from WOOLHOGS .
I am so thrilled with the gypsy feel of this little throw:

 I have been doing quite a lot of baking lately. Here's an awesome fridge tart that can be made in 10 minutes with 3 ingredients:
500ml flavoured yoghurt (of your choice)
1  tin condensed milk
Biscuits for base.

Layer biscuits for the base or crush them and add margarine to make base.
Mix the yoghurt and condensed milk
Pour the mixture onto the biscuit base 
Microwave on high for 4 minutes.
Leave to cool
Put in fridge and serve when cold.

It's really delicious!

Then there was this sweet little crochet bunting I made for the veranda/porch to cheer up the bleak winter landscape. (OK so it isnt that bleak - we've had a very mild winter this year so far).

And these are some crochet cuff bracelets that I made as a gift for a friend. Made with e-cotton, hand-dyed in SA:

And then I have been enjoying doing the art assignments for the e-course FACING YOUR FEARS. These are courage cards which I made using toilet rolls:

For a tutorial on how to use toilet rolls to do art click here:  TUTORIAL

Well I hope you have enjoyed seeing all my WIPs (works in progress) and other creative thing-a-ma-bobs.

Wishing you all a gentle, friendly, happy weekend.
much love



Glenda Hoagland said...

Love this post you have been busy. I woke up this morning trying o remember where I had seen the toilet roll post and there it was in this post. God is so good. I have made it a favorite so I can do it when I get home in a couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing.

Astrid Maclean said...

Love your intuitive painting! Such wonderful colours!! The other projects look fab too, you have been busy!!

Elvina Dulac said...

Wow! I'm loving all your projects but the crochet has really caught me up! I love the bright colours and the bunting is gorgeous!