Friday, 27 February 2015

Let's talk about Self-Love

Self love is not selfish, in fact it is essential to nurture yourself to ensure that you are strong enough to serve others.  Our Theme for this week in the Paint and Chronicle Journal Course that I am doing with Suzi Blu is Service - with the emphasis on making others aware of the benefits of self-love.

One of my words for 2015 is "SLOW" .  I am showing myself love this year by slowing down, living mindfully and fully engaging in each moment of my life - the pleasure and the pain.
What a great gift this has proven to be already - my life is so much the richer for it.

So as one of my actions for sharing the message of the benefits self-love this week I have been posting inspirational memes and messages regarding this subject on my FB wall.

One of the messages I posted this week was:

"When you’re gentle with yourself, you’ll be gentle with others. When you're non-judgmental with yourself, you'll be non-judgmental what others. And when you give yourself the benefit of the doubt, you’ll be able to do the same for the people around you too."

SO : What are some ways you could honour yourself and YOUR needs this weekend?
I challenge you to make a list and to make it a priority to do at least 3 of those things over the weekend. 

My list:
Pick garden flowers to put in vases in the house
Work on some craft projects I really want to complete
Do some reading
Start a new journal for March
A home facial

"You only get one soul
be good to yours
listen when it whispers
nourish it's passions,
give it hugs, laughter and
Take it for long walks.
Treat your soul like a SOULMATE."

much love


Moz said...

Oh wow! This post of yours has hit home Angella.
I'm loving your art work and will be in touch about the courses you've been taking. Whatever they are, have had a very positive effect on you, your art and your outlook on life! Keep up the momentum.

Dianna said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. It is a good reminder of how we should treat ouruselves and others around us. Sometimes we get lost, and then someone like you reminds us and gets us thinking about the better path. Love your Slow page too with the vibrant colors and fun design! Keep up the beautiful art!!!