Monday, 16 February 2015

Everyday Creativity

I have neglected my blog for a very long time.  That makes me incredibly sad because I really love to BLOG!  It has been my intention for some time now to start blogging regularly again.  And so here I am today with a little bit of inspiration for you.....

These are some doodles I did in various different journals/watercolour pads.  Two were done intentionally for use as journalling embellishments and the very "busy" one was done just as an adventure in doodling.

I then took my sketch book to the local computer place and asked them to print my designs onto sticker paper.  (You can of course do this yourself if you have a good scanner and some coloured ink in your printer -which I dont at present).  I was thrilled with the quality of the prints.  When I had some spare time I sat and cut the sheets into the required strips and shapes.
These are journalling tags, which can now be added to my  Paint and Chronicle journal to brighten up the pages and I can write quotes or reminders or whatever onto them......

These are border strips and can be used to add borders to my journal pages or used in any way one would normally use decorative border stickers or washi tape:

These are from the very "busy" doodle sheet which I just cut up randomly and will use as stickers and borders to cheer up any dreary looking pages or corners:

Visit me here tomorrow  when I will  show some examples of  how I use these items on journal pages and in other interesting ways!


much love


Mel Bunny Sparkles said...

Oh Angella! I adore these! Feeling very inspired and might have to make some pages like these for myself!! I could make photocopies and use them over and over. Ooooo!! Excited! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

Emily Cline said...

These are great! And thanks to Mel Bunny Sparkles for leading me to your page! You guys are wonder-full!

Joy Owleyes said...

I love these designs. So beautiful and intricate, yet simple. Great idea with the sticker paper. I do something similar when I commission a piece of art work I place a sticker version of my business card on the back so the client can contact me if they need to in the future. Thank you so much for sharing this bit of inspiration!

niad said...

Love these, what a great idea!