Monday, 9 March 2015

Intuitive Painting on Tags

This is last week's creative exercise, intuitive painting on manilla tags.  The idea was inspired by the artwork of Mystic Tulip on Facebook. 

First I painted the tags with a layer of white acrylic paint (in retrospect Gesso would have been a much better idea).  Then I added a background layer with gelletos and sealed that with a layer of gel medium. I then doodled some designs with a black marker:

After that I painted the backgrounds and the designs with acrylic paints, leaving some areas of the first layer to show through:

The next step was to redo the black outlines and add further doodled details with black and white pens:

Finally , I glued the tags onto co-ordinating cardstock and then machine sewed around the edges.  I also added word stickers and hand-dyed ribbon bows:

(no comments on the sewing please LOL ) 

much love
Be Open For Unexpected Pleasures


Misty Olsen said...

These are really lovely. I didn't realize these were made from Gelatos.

cookievf said...

GORGEOUS!! love-love-love the bright colors and all the extra touches (:

Anonymous said...

You truly are an inspiration - what beautiful, creative, colourful, fun-filled pieces of art you have created. Thanks for sharing.