Monday, 13 May 2013

Some things I am loving right now...

These are some of  the ordinary everyday things that are making me happy at the moment....

working on my latest crochet blankie with its bright beautiful colours!

A new set of paint brushes!

These strange dotty purple flowers that are blooming in my garden (no idea what they are) !

My hotwater bottle because its been freezing lately!

These two fabulous books!

Sitting outside in the Autumn sunshine.... !

Drawing a series of angels for an Angel art journal that I want to make!

Raw juice therapy!

This fabulous body lotion for my already very dry winter skin !

A diet full of lots and lots of steamed vegetables!

Wonderful inspiration from Regina at Creative Kismet.

And on TV :  Country House Rescue!
Well that's what's keeping my boat afloat these days ;o)

TODAY:  earnestly enjoy yourself for at least 30 minutes!

Have a happy, productive and creative week.
much love


Helen Stevens said...

Angella, your purple spotty flowers look like a type of honeysuckle. They are more usually cream or pink, and may be scented.

Moz said...

Hey Angie! You won a prize on Jennibellie's blog - pop over and check it out!! Well done!

Teresa Kline said...

thanks for sharing, luvin those mixed veggies....yummy. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

enjoy *~*