Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I (heart) Art

At the farmers market on Saturday I found a 50%-off stall and I bought these two wooden hearts. They were coated with white PVA paint.

There were so many possibilities for them!  However, I finally decided to decorate them in a bright (Indian/Morrocan-type) style.  I drew the design on freehand , then painted it with acrylic inks. I did the outlines with a silver fabric paint outliner - which has a raised finish that I like.  They were exceedingly bright - so I toned them down by rubbing Walnut Ink over them and spattering with black acrylic paint. This gave them a slightly aged look. I LOVE they way they turned out!

I finished them off with a coat of clear varnish.  A happy project for the week!

wishing you butterflies and flowers and smiles.....
much love

"Write it on your heart that EVERY day is the best day in the year."
-R W Emerson-


Glenda Hoagland said...

Great post. I love the work you did on the hearts. Are you going to make more?

Angella Dee said...

thanks Glenda. I dont think I will make more. I dont know where to source any more of these 3D hearts. The lady was selling them at 50% off because she was closing her shop down.

Helen Stevens said...

Talented Angella does it again!

Dianna said...

Tenses are really beautiful, I love the colors you chose. Looks like something I'd find at cost plus world market! You so rocked this project!!!

Laila said...

Love Your hearts and what you did to them.Striking, really!
Thanks for your visit at my site and thanks for your kind words too.

Teresa Jaye said...

on my goodness Angella, these are amazing! Love the designs and the colors. It was very daring to add the walnut stain and spatter but they came out perfectly aged. Really beautiful!