Friday, 2 November 2012

Special Offers & Other Interesting things...

Hi everyone
Hope that you are all well and being creative and productive!  I have been busy this week working on some items to sell at the local Farmers Market on 17 November. Leave a comment and share with me what you have been working on.

I wanted to mention these super specials specially for South African Readers:

WOOLHOGS has a fun special for November 2012 - If you order wool for R200 or more you get two surprise colours for FREE!   (Geuss who's going to be ordering more wool?)

KALAHARI.COM has FREE shipping on all items ordered,  until 31 December 2012. A great place to get Christmas gifts!

And then another interesting bit of news I'd like to share. (Specifically because these are great ideas to get your CREATIVE JUICES flowing) I got a lovely surprise GIFT FROM OVER THE SEA this week from a very special aunt of mine who lives in Australia:

An extraordinary card with a fabric border, leaves and bird. Exquisitely detailed.

And a very unique scarf that she had made for me- in my favorite colour!

The little bird detaches from the card and you can hang him up as a decoration- how cool is THAT?!

Thirdly :  Have you noticed that I have added some delicious NEW BLOGS for you to explore? See the sidepanel on the right of the screen: "favorite blogs and websites"

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview to life's coming attractions."
-Albert Einstein- 

To find out more about the above course go to:

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Helen Stevens said...

Here's a tip for watercolour/acrylic artists. Forget expensive palettes. Use a polystyrene tray, the sort that meat and veges are packed on. Use a biggish one. Tear or cut six or so pieces of greaseproof paper (not wax paper!) the size of the tray, and lay in the tray. Fill the tray with water to soak the paper, the pour off the surplus.
Now you have a disposable palette. When the paper gets too dirty to use any more, take it off, and use the sheet underneath. Just make sure they are damp, not wet.