Sunday, 18 November 2012

Inspired to Recycle

I have been so inspired by Jennibellie's craft videos that I just want to recycle everything nowadays.
Here are some pics of a journal I made using 90% recycled materials and the cover was made from this chocolate box (geuss who had a birthday in October?) :

The pages are made from "throw-away" cardboard ie: egg box labels, backing from sticker packs etc.

 I left the little notches on the sticker sheets so that I can tie ribbons etc onto them.

I covered the outside of the Journal with white paper which I will later paint and decorate. The inside covers were decorated with some patterned paper and lace/braid.

To make your own recycled journal visit Jennibellie's Blog and watch her videos on how to make recycled books/journals.  She's awesome!  I also made some recycled buttons from cardboard packing boxes. YES- you can watch the video on Jenniebellie's Blog or Youtube.
I decided to make my buttons in neural colours so that I can use them for a lot of different projects.
But they can be made brite and happy too!  I spent a very happy Sunday morning making these (Thank u for the inspiration Jenny!!!)
                                          This is what I started with

                               And these are my finished buttons - of which I am really proud!

"Overcome the notion that you must be REGULAR.  It robs you of the chance to be EXTRAORDINARY."
-Uta Hagen-


Helen Stevens said...

Angella, have a look at Stitchin n Bitchin on facebook. There is a great idea for RECYCLING old tape casettes!

Maryanne @ Wool Hogs said...

Angella, I LOVE your journal and am blown away by your buttons!! How gorgeous. I'm off to visit Jennibelle's blog right away (and to read your interview of course!!!) x

Dianna said...

Love love ove your buttons!