Saturday, 11 April 2015

Art Day : Mandalas

On Friday I hosted an art morning in my studio for myself and two close friends.  They had never tried mandalas before - so I had to share my passion with them.  First we went through the process of how to draw a simple mandala.  Then I shared a bit about colour theory and we were away..... creating the most delightful designs.  I was thoroughly impressed by their first attempts at  mandalas. I am sure you will be too.

Carina's design

Linell's design

My design

What a lovely morning we had, double chocolate cupcakes and carrot cake cupcakes, coffee, laughter, colours and friendship = FUN !!!!

Wishing you a creative week.
much love

"When you learn something NEW, you become something NEW"   - Leo Buscaglia-


Jackie Fuller said...

Wonderful! What a fun time you must have had <3

Siggadisart said...

Beautiful Mandalas, I love making mandalas :-)

Yvonne said...


Siggadisart said...

Lovely colorful Mandalas Angella :)