Friday, 14 June 2013


Today I want to share this dear little painting with you.  I painted this for an online friend (we've never met in person). She suffers from several auto-immune disorders and so we have something very important in common.  I wanted to encourage her to keep her spirit strong because that is so important when you suffer day after day with pain and disability. I wanted to encourage her to let her heart be light even in the midst of broken dreams and shattered hopes. When you suffer with a chronic disease and there is really no medicine that they can give you that actually makes you feel better (in fact most of it makes you feel worse)- it is so difficult to stay positive.  You lose so many things -little things that others take completely for granted. It is so easy to feel sorry for yourself and to give up, to give in to despair.

The thing all people need most is encouragement and encouragement costs nothing.  I encourage you today - to make a little effort and encourage those around you-for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

wishing you a beautiful and relaxing long weekend.
much love

"The only antidote to despair is ACTION"


Helen Stevens said...

Just beautiful, and so thoughtful. Typical of you, Angella

Angella Dee said...

thank you Helen.