Saturday, 9 February 2013

Art Journaling Week 6/52

Dianna chose a very challenging  word for this weeks art journaling page:
O Boy- I am not great with abstract but when I actually got down to it - it was quite easy and FUN!
I started by gluing down sky blue and lime green off cuts of paper that I had been using for another project. Then I added lime green patterned paper pieces.  I then sprayed over alphabet and block stencils with purple acrylic ink in a spritz bottle.  Then used a swirl stencil and used gesso instead of paint to stencil the swirls onto the page. I added the dictionary definition of ABSTRACT at the bottom of the left page.
I cut out letters from old magazines to make up the word "Abstract".
I then "sealed" the page with Artists Gel Medium.

Loved doing this page and I think that its my FAVORITE so far !!!! surprisingly enough. :o)

"Write it on your heart that EVERY day is the best day in the year."
-R.W. Emerson-

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leekre said...

how great did these two pages turn out, thanks for showing them